Spring Studio Challenge

April 19, 2015

Thanks to Cheryl Skeboda who initiated this challenge. Yes, that was partly sarcastic but not all. It’s a job we all have to do occasionally, some more occasionally than others!

We’ve just completed a MASSIVE renovation of the entire first floor. Yes it was worth it but the process was like childbirth-long & painful interspersed with laughter & decisions to be made quickly. So what does this have to do with the studio? Guess where a lot of the “stuff” from the first floor landed? Yep. The studio.

So when I read Cheryl’s challenge on Facebook this morning, I knew it was time. Never mind that we spent all of yesterday cleaning due to the impending arrival of my wonderful sister, her husband (my amazing brother-in-law) & my equally fabulous brother-in-law Greg.

The Before pictures are below. I didn’t time the length of the cleanup. Truthfully I didn’t really care how long it took because it really had to be done, as you can see.

Dolly in the snow 13 Feb 2014

February 13, 2014

Dolly in the snow 13 Feb 2014

More Ice Dyeing

February 13, 2014

I had snow dyed fabric from 2 years ago that was just too pastel for my tastes & the initial results of this year’s ice dyeing were so spectacular that I decided to over dye them. Note to self: the heat is really necessary to help bring out the brilliance of the colors. I was very lax this round & the results are more muted than the initial round. Since these are planned for the large Fire piece, they will work but a good lesson anyway.

Here are the brown/blue/green results.

Top of the dye pot

Top of the dye pot

Closer to the bottom of the pot

Closer to the bottom of the pot


February 8, 2014
Dolly Dec 2013

Dolly Dec 2013

Dolly is our yellow Lab, whom we’ve had for 5 months. She’s funny, smart, great with the cats (read low prey drive) & loves her

Dolly waiting for a treat

Dolly waiting for a treat

walks. We completed basic obedience level 1 in late November & she was a star! (She was the only dog in the class but she was still a star…)

Results of Ice Dyeing

February 8, 2014

Initially I was somewhat excited about the results but after washing & drying I LOVE what developed. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m going to take the pale snow dyes from 2 years ago & over dye them with the ice dyeing technique!

Pictures of the current crop of ice dyes are below.

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Ice Storm & Ice Dyeing

February 5, 2014

Preparing for week long Art Quilt Retreat later this month. I have in mind to do a large “Fire” piece, so I decided to do some ice drying to get the colors I think I’ll need. The fact that the ice maker was jammed, giving me a good supply of ice, had a lot to do with that decision!

I liked the instructions on Nancy Wick’s blog, Timeless Treasures  & will post photos when the fabric is ready tomorrow. I remember Cathy K. Saying that the “room temperature” in some instructions is a mis-nomer, that the colors are deeper if  the temp is closer to 80F. So I set the bucket on a heating pad in the guest room tub. Should be interesting!

VA Quilt Retreat

February 21, 2012

Here in Williamsburg, VA for the week to work on quilts, hang out, enjoy the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. Big plans are to finish the Economic Realities series of art quilts, as well as the Cosmos series and maybe even do some more in the Armchair Travelers series. I could work all day every day & still not be done-have to remind my self that this is VACATION! And it’s supposed to be fun…will publish photos another day

Bailey is doing well

June 18, 2011

OK, here we are at almost 6 months after diagnosis & Mr. B. is hopping on 3 legs just like usual. No indication that he’s in any pain, thank goodness & thanks to the tramadol & anti-inflammatory. He is still VERY food motivated, accepts his meds in peanut butter or soft cheese. He sleeps more but still goes through an occasional barking spell. Day care has been awesome in accommodating his needs by placing him in with the little dogs (less chance of a bump leading to a break). Sometimes he hangs out at the front desk & “helps”-this seems to happen when he’s barking & they can’t get him to settle. He’s so sociable, the barks aren’t due to pain, just missing human interaction! He will not use a ramp-not at home, not at day care.  So we all let him hop & take the time he needs to get to wherever he’s going.

Little bugger got out on Memorial Day. C & I had been working at my house in 100 degree weather (dumb idea). After she left I took the masonry drill & bit back to the rental place. I hadn’t been there 2 minutes when my cell rang & a little voice asked “Do you have a dog named Bailey?” Turns out he must have hopped out behind me when the door was closing, unbeknownst to me, & ran down to the corner. Well, hopped down to the corner but he got tired so he laid down! If he’s had the use of all 4 legs he would have been on Market Street holding up traffic…

Anyway, I raced home to find 4 very nice people standing around him while he showed his belly to the world. They were so concerned about his “limp” & I explained his cancer situation. Took me a while to coax him inside the house, he was enjoying laying in the grass. That’s my boy!

He did have a GI bleed on the first anti-inflammatory so we switched him & added a stomach protectant. That seems to be doing the trick. Our vet just tells me that “He’s right where he should be” when I have the occasional question; we haven’t had to make an appointment for a while so it seems we are on the right track.  This is not easy, I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop but he’s handling it so much better than I am!

5 Years & Counting!

June 18, 2011

5 year check & mammogram last Friday-all clear! Honestly, I thought I had a lymph node that was swollen & was trying not to freak out about it: saw primary care doc who called it a “cyst” & said “Come back in 6 weeks” but I just wasn’t comfortable with that. So I called the oncologist’s office & we moved up my appointment. Dr. K. checked it out & said I was fine…

She also did a little partner teaching-C. was so worried but Dr.K. reminded her that triple neg. usually comes back within the first 2 years, if it’s going to come back.  It’s all good. I had been considering changing to an oncologist closer to home but, given the speed with which the appointment was changed I just don’t think I’d get that anywhere else. So I think not, at least for now. It’s a safety thing, I guess.

DId make me think about the care plan that is recommended after treatment. I heard about the concept but didn’t really think about it in my quest to be “normal” again.  But seriously, this little adventure brought home the idea.  Who gets “first crack” at checking out a potential problem? The PCP is closer but she’s not an oncologist. The oncologist is further away but she & all the test equipment are in one central location.  If there really is an issue identified, where do I go for treatment? I need to think this over some more…

Community Knitting

January 22, 2011

Caps For Good is a joint project of Save The Children & Warm Up America. Baby caps are knitted or crocheted from simple patterns & then sent to Save The Children, which then provides them to new mothers in developing countries. Such a  simple thing, a cap. Babies are not able to regulate their temperatures for the first months of life. A cap goes a long way toward retaining heat lost from the head & keeping a baby warm, less vulnerable to infection.

Two venues in York are participating in this effort. Last week when I was at UnCommon Threads (at their new location in the Queensgate Shopping  Centre), there were nearly 20 hats in the collection box. This store has really taken to this project. The caps will be collected on 17 Feb 2011. I’d like to think there will be 50 hats by then…

The other venue is the Kreutz Creek Library in Hallam, PA.  This site has a very active knitting/crocheting group. Last Tuesday there were 6 hats in the box. In addition, some kind soul donated a good sized bag of soft pink & blue yarn skeins.  I took home a skein of pink & plan to get at least 3 hats out of it. The hats work up so quickly & it’s a great opportunity to try a new design that might ordinarily take up a lot of time & effort.  The caps will be collected on 17 Feb 2011, so there’s still plenty of time to make a hat or two.  I know I made 15 hats last week, with all the snow. My plan for this evening is to sit by the fire, catch up on the TiVo’d shows & make some baby caps!


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