I am an art quilter. In other words I make artistic quilts. Quilts in that my work is in 3 layers, held together with at least minimal stitching. Art in that the elements used are  not suitable for everyday wear & tear. Those elements include, but are not limited to foil, hand-dyed fabrics & cheesecloth, beads of any & every variety, fibers of any kind, glitter, lame, tulle, feathers, painted & heated Tyvek and liquid beads.

Here are some pictures of my work. Please feel free to comment…This piece is titled “Black & White & Green All Over”. It was bascially an accident: I was working on the “My World in Black & White” challenge & made 2 backgrounds using black & white fabrics. The idea of the challenge was to use only black, white & shades of those colours in the piece. I used white glitter glue but it dried GREEN! I was horrified & almost threw away the piece but decided to keep & finish it. Good thing-this piece has been juried into the Albuquerque, NM Fiber Fiesta show, 21-24 May 2009.

completed Summer 2008

completed Summer 2008

The piece shown below, Cosmos 2008, became my entry into the “My World in Black & White” competition. It was juried into the show & is currently on tour for the next 2 years in various US venues. Part of the background is formed by bleach discharging on black fabric. In this case, the discharging produced a rusty red colour… 

Cosmos 2008

Cosmos 2008


Luhlin I
Luhlin I

I have become fascinated by the comet Luhlin. Discovered by a Chinese teenager 2 years ago, it appears greenish due to the large amount of unburned gases surrounding it. In addition, it appears to be flying backwards! The green in this piece comes from a piece of hand-dyed silk but I have used painted/heated Tyvek in subsequent pieces


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