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The Blue Apron Experiment Starts

February 13, 2016

I love to cook, Mrs.loves to eat. I can cook almost anything but don’t eat meat. Mrs. has a hard time describing tastes or what would make something taste better, so we lack a common language around food.

Up until now, I’ve either made two meals or we’ve each fended for ourselves. Finally, she decided to try Blue Apron. Last week a big box arrived with everything needed to make the three meals she chose from the offerings available that week. “Everything”was just that, down to the little packets of fresh herbs, the required produce, a teeny bottle of maple syrup and small plastic tubs of butter. I can’t decide if it’s cute or wasteful since most of this stuff is what we generally have on hand anyway. But I agreed to try it.

First impressions? The directions are pretty elementary but I’ve been cooking for a really long time so for someone just learning to cook, they are pretty helpful.

The food was good, prep was pretty easy and I liked the fact that we ate at the same time. I especially like the fact that Mrs. was quite happy with the food. The best linguine with chard & goat cheese was my favorite while I think Mrs. enjoyed the seared chicken, mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots.

The next box will come in two weeks and we’ll see how the experiment works with three new recipes. As you’ve no doubt gathered, participants choose three meals from the available offerings during the meal period and the meals are shipped, ready to cook, to your home. Again, I’m of two minds. Why are we paying for something we can do ourselves? But, if it makes life easier, why not try it?


31 Days of Blogging

December 3, 2015

Yep it’s all Cheryl Sleboda’s fault (again)! She issued the 31 Days of Blogging challenge & I couldn’t resist. I’ve been terribly neglectful of my poor blog so here goes.

Catch-up: we put up the Christmas decorations on Sunday afternoon-3 hours plus a trip to storage & a quick trip to Lowe’s for replacement light bulbs. All supervised by Miss Dolly…there goes the neighbourhood. We will never win the tasteful home decorating award-good thing we never wanted to!

I’m Engaged!

December 21, 2010

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted-too busy with the new job & the Fiancee. But, it’s official. I am engaged.

The proposal was a complete surprise to me. I had been so occupied with Frankie being sick that I wasn’t putting together some of the more obvious signs. I know I just sat there, with my mouth open, for what seemed like 3 minutes! Very attractive, I’m sure (not)! Anyway, I did recover enough to accept.

We’re going the European route-where the civil ceremony is separate from the religious ceremony. And it will be small-25 people or so.  Looks like the middle of May, either the 14th or the 21st. Far from feeling overwhelmed by the details, we are both so calm about it all. After the holidays we’ll have to search out dresses but we know what we want & where we want it. That helps a lot.

Anyway, that means that my house will go on the market in a few months-I’m more stressed about that! As for Frankie who was sick, he is well now & operating on all 8 cylinders. He’s happily un-decorated the lower branches of the Christmas tree several times already. I sent out the thank you cards with his picture in them to the 3 vets that have been involved in getting him well. Male cats & urinary blockages, I could write a book!

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2010

Yep, I’m on strike against the ubiquitous “Happy Holidays”. I feel like such a fake when I say those words. I’m Christian, it’s Christmas, so Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebreate it then fine, you don’t have to. I’ll be happy to say Happy Hannukah (although my friend Penny assures me that it’s a minor holiday at best) or Happy Kwanzah, etc.  So much for the holiday rant.

I’ve been busily knitting away. Yes I said knitting. That’s all I’ve had time for these last few months but I’ve been rather prolific:  1 sweater fro my mother which did not fit despite kniting to gauge :-(, a hat, a hat & scarf set, another sweater for my mother, & most of a sweater for my sweetie. All I have left to do is  a scarf. In time for Christmas, that is.

My sister asked me 2 years ago to make her a felted black hat. I happily bought the black wool soon after the request BUT it had too much nylon in it to felt! All that work-dagnabit…So this time I bought 100% wool. She’ll have to get it after Christmas…my hands will wear out soon if I don’t give them a break.

It’s quiet at work right now so I have time to plan my next adventures! Stay tuned!

Hello world!

April 30, 2009

Welcome to my blog! So glad you could visit.

I’m setting up both my website & my blog-first time for both.  I’m an art quilter currently living in PA.  In addition to art quilting, I teach English as a Second Language and mess about with gardening. Spring has been quite strange this year with 90 degrees and above last week-end and 60’s today. The plants are confused!

My paid job is in the pharmaceutical research industry. I still love it after being employed by the same company for over 10 year. Being bored is difficult for me but I am not bored by this job. Always something new…

Continue to visit as I update posts & expand. Comments are welcome (nice ones please).