Spring Studio Cleaning!

Welcome to my studio! Below, you can see why I jumped on Cheryl Sleboda’s Spring Blog Hop. I had plenty of excuses for the mess: a week long quilt retreat followed by business travel followed by the annual Oriole’s Spring Training trip followed by more business travel. I wanted to avoid the studio area just because there was no room to use the space to create.

I have about 1/3 of our lower level for the studio. It’s not large but I make it work.

After taking these pictures I realized that I had deadlines to meet & avoiding the mess wasn’t going to help me meet the deadlines. So I gathered my “helpers” & cleaned up. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. I even managed to work on a piece afterwards!

I’ve been art quilting for about 25 years. I’ve had several different studios in that time. At one point I even had an off site studio: a guest cottage on a small working farm where guinea hens chattered a welcome & the barn cats would come visit for a bit. The place was spacious for one person. The drawback of being off site (which limited my studio time to the weekends) was offset by the need to plan my time well & be very focused while there. Good lessons…

Below is the cleaned studio, along with a “Helper” and who believes any chair in which I sit he must sit in too. Time for hand work or to walk the dog!

Thanks for stopping by-please visit my fellow Clean Studio bloggers!



One Response to “Spring Studio Cleaning!”

  1. Teri Lucas Terificreations Says:

    Love the color on the wall and your helpers are adorable!

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