Studio Time

Someone once asked me about my “studio practice”. I finally figured out she meant about the discipline I practiced about working in my studio. And thwaiting n, the excuses to myself began: “I travel for work”, ” I have no time”, My studio is such a mess that I have to clean it up to work & then the studio time is gone.

You know, the rationalization, right? Well, I ‘d have time if I were ‘t sucked in by doing other things like cleaning  it cat litter boxes, walking the dog, playing games on my phone, making dinner, etc. Excuses, excuses.

So today I went to my studio & cleaned it up! It’s not perfect, & could be neater, but I actually got it done enough to do some work. And the work was something I’d never thought of-I took a piece of painted silk organza, laid it over an ice dyed table runner then did some bobbin work with my favourite glitzy thread.

My machine does not tolerate glitzy thread in her top, she can only be to with it in the bobbin. So I taught myself to do bobbin work because one of my Art Mantras is “Glitter Is Good”! The piece isn’t finished because my Number One Helper came down & sat on it. Said Helper then decided he wanted my chair…so I decided it was time to stop. Pretty good for an hour or so in the studio.



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