And Then We Hit It With the Heat Gun!

My friend Linda wanted to express splinters in a recent piece. She tried a lot of different things but wasn’t satisfied with the results. We had a semi-annual Art Quilt Retreat coming up & as I was packing I impulsively grabbed my tool box with the heat gun.

We decided to use the heat gun outside due to a concern about possible fumes. We set up with some aluminum foil & the material with the rest of the group watching us. And waiting…And waiting for…And waiting for the heat gun… And waiting for the heat gun to do something to the material. And nothing happened.

We decided that the issue was that the material was a natural fiber & reluctantly gave up. But then..someone had brought a bag of mini rice cakes that was certainly not a natural material. So I hit it with the heat gun! It shriveled up delightfully. I have no idea what I’ll do with it but it sure was fun!

When I got home I found a coffee bag & was still on a heat gun kick. That didn’t work out as well unfortunately but I took pictures anyway. I love my heat gun👍👍👍


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