The Blue Apron Experiment Starts

I love to cook, Mrs.loves to eat. I can cook almost anything but don’t eat meat. Mrs. has a hard time describing tastes or what would make something taste better, so we lack a common language around food.

Up until now, I’ve either made two meals or we’ve each fended for ourselves. Finally, she decided to try Blue Apron. Last week a big box arrived with everything needed to make the three meals she chose from the offerings available that week. “Everything”was just that, down to the little packets of fresh herbs, the required produce, a teeny bottle of maple syrup and small plastic tubs of butter. I can’t decide if it’s cute or wasteful since most of this stuff is what we generally have on hand anyway. But I agreed to try it.

First impressions? The directions are pretty elementary but I’ve been cooking for a really long time so for someone just learning to cook, they are pretty helpful.

The food was good, prep was pretty easy and I liked the fact that we ate at the same time. I especially like the fact that Mrs. was quite happy with the food. The best linguine with chard & goat cheese was my favorite while I think Mrs. enjoyed the seared chicken, mashed potatoes and maple glazed carrots.

The next box will come in two weeks and we’ll see how the experiment works with three new recipes. As you’ve no doubt gathered, participants choose three meals from the available offerings during the meal period and the meals are shipped, ready to cook, to your home. Again, I’m of two minds. Why are we paying for something we can do ourselves? But, if it makes life easier, why not try it?


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