HoHoHo Let the Baking Begin

My father-in-law had a sweet tooth. In fact, he has more than 1 sweet tooth-more like a whole mouthful! I’ve nicknamed him the Cookie Monster…

So the Christmas baking is done. I found the secret to successful holiday baking, for me at least. Last night I made all of the doughs & put them in the fridge.

Tonight after work I cut out the sugar cookies & noted that this particular recipe worked very well when cold. Baking parchment paper is a life saver-the cut outs went onto the parchment as they were cut, the parchment then went onto the baking sheet. When the cookies were baked, they sat on the parchment paper on the cooling racks which kept some from breaking while hot from the oven.

The mince meat pie looked like it came from a bakery thanks to a quick egg & creme wash on the top.

Now, the frosting just has to set so the frosted cookies can be packed up. The peanut butter & plain sugar cookies are in their tins. On to wrapping…


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